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Special Needs Home Assessment: Solving Special Needs Accessibility Challenges

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Individuals with special care needs often live in homes that do not meet their unique needs or ease caregiver tasks. While the Americans with Disabilities Act requires minimum standards for accessibility in public spaces, many homes new and old do not even meet these minimum standards. In addition, many individuals with special needs require additional modifications and adjustments to truly feel at home in their own house and maximize their independent function.

Special Needs Home Accessibility Challenges

  • Mobility Solutions – Lifts, ramps, etc.
  • Accessible Bathrooms
  • First floor bedroom and bathroom
  • Multiple accessible entry and exit options
  • Modified Vehicle Parking
  • Ability to use the kitchen safely

Whether purchasing a new home or modifying an existing home, the National Care Advisors team of Nurse Consultants is here to assess the unique needs of your client or family member to ensure their house can truly become a home. Our Home Assessment service includes:

  1. In-person assessment and analysis of acute medical care needs and quality of life requirements as specified by the client, family, medical providers and/or legal representative
  2. Review and evaluation of current home including floor plan, accessibility, utilities, maintenance, location and general suitability for the client
  3. Development of a comprehensive home assessment documenting acute medical care, quality of life and long term care needs objectives and goals, including modification opportunities, maintenance needs and other recommendations

This formal, written report will help the client, their family and their trusted advisors make important home purchase and modification decisions to ensure maximum levels of care and quality of life. Once the report is complete, our consultants can help gather modification quotes, work with area real estate agents, coordinate construction contractors and ensure the transition into a new or modified home is successful.

Contact National Care Advisors today to discuss how our team can help you and your client assess their housing needs!