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Meet Our Team

Whether you are a client, family member, trustee, attorney or advisor, you deserve dedicated support from experts you can depend on.

Our team of experienced and caring professionals understand the unique medical, financial, legal and regulatory challenges involved, and we tailor our objective recommendations and support based on the specific circumstances of each case.

Ann Koerner

Ann Koerner - CEO and Founder

Ann founded National Care Advisors in 2008 to provide consulting services for attorneys, financial planners and trustees who support individuals with complex care needs and their families. As a result of her work with many national corporations, Ann possesses extensive business knowledge of case management, utilization review, third party payers, workers’ compensation, private insurance companies and government resources.

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Adam Earl

Adam Earl - President

Adam joined NCA in 2015, and brings experience in healthcare information technology and operations consulting. Prior to joining NCA, Adam was a Principal at Cumberland Consulting Group working with several nationally recognized health systems to implement and optimize IT and operational systems.

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Laura Alexander

Laura Alexander - EVP of Account Management

Prior to joining NCA in 2012, Laura worked at the CareWorks Family of Companies for 16 years as an Account Executive, providing sales and service for both CareWorks USA and VocWorks. Laura’s sales and case management experience has been focused in disability management, including complex care needs and eldercare services, third party benefits, workers’ compensation, absence management and vocational management.

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Megan Anderson

Megan Anderson - Director of Case Management

Megan joined NCA in 2014. Her previous experience includes working at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and for a homecare agency. Throughout Megan’s career, she has focused on working with disabled individuals and their families, assessing their needs and collaborating with others to ensure the best possible outcomes.

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Jeffrey Earl

Jeffrey Earl - Director of Operations

Prior to joining NCA in 2018, Jeffrey attended the University of Cincinnati, earning a Bachelor of Arts degree in organizational leadership and human resources. He also worked as a project coordinator at Garretson Resolution Group where he organized disbursements for mass tort and class action lawsuits.

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Eiszel Le

Eiszel Le - Director of Quality Assurance and Training

Eiszel joined NCA in 2015 and has been a registered nurse since 2004. Previously, she was part of the pilot team that launched the care management organization (CMO) for Nevada Medicaid’s Fee-for-Service patients. Her nursing experience also includes home health and clinical education, serving as a preceptor for newly graduated nurses and as a charge nurse/clinical supervisor.

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Karen Kozak

Karen Kozak - Vice President of Business Development

Karen joined the National Care Advisor Team in 2017. Prior to NCA, Karen had a seven-year work history in Trust Administration and most recently on the Business Development Team for a National Pooled Special Needs Trust, Secured Futures. Karen provided education and support services for attorneys, families and beneficiaries.

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Kristin Avendano

Kristin Avendano - Director of Business Development

Kristin joined National Care Advisors in 2022 as a Nurse Case Manager before transitioning to the business development team. Kristin has several years of experience working in sales and marketing prior to entering the nursing field in 2012. Her nursing experience includes emergency room care, serving as a preceptor for new nurses, charge nurse/supervisor within the ED, pre-operative care, home health field nurse manager, and nursing team lead for the Florida Department of Emergency Management (FDEM) rolling out covid vaccines. Kristin worked closely with state and local officials to assist with the facilitation and distribution of vaccines across the state along with managing large-scale vaccination sites.

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Caryn Nicol

Caryn Nicol - Litigation Services Manager

Caryn joined National Care Advisors in 2013 and has been a registered nurse since 1996. Her career spans over multiple areas of nursing, including medical-surgical, cardiac care, neurology, rehabilitation, pediatric, and emergency care, working as both a staff nurse and a charge nurse.

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Kristen Sabo

Kristen Sabo - Education Services Manager

Kristen is a special education consultant who has been working in the field for over 20 years. She first began her studies in a nursing program but quickly realized education is her true passion. She has spent time working with children of all ages and abilities in the classroom, community, and home settings throughout our country. In addition, has extensive experience collaborating with school administrators, board members, families, and students themselves.

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Jamie Farough

Jamie Farough - Regional Manager

Jamie joined NCA in 2022 and has been a registered nurse since 2005. Her previous experience includes medical-surgical, cardiac step-down, rehabilitation, wound care, and home health working as both a staff nurse and a charge nurse. She transitioned to case management and has experience from the hospital, community, and payor side. In addition, Jamie consults on litigation settlement cases focusing on cost projections and Medicare Set-Asides.

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Meghan Henry

Meghan Henry - Regional Manager

Meghan joined National Care Advisors in 2020 and has been a registered nurse since 2010. Meghan started her nursing career in psychiatric nursing at the Oregon State Hospital and continued working for 9 years as a geriatric case manager and nurse consultant for Eldercare Specialists before joining NCA.

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Kara Linick

Kara Linick - Regional Manager

Kara joined National Care Advisors in 2018 and has been a registered nurse since 1998. Her 24 years of nursing experience include Medical-Surgical, Hematology-Oncology, hospice, pediatrics, adult urology, nursing education and management.

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Natalie Otten

Natalie Otten - Regional Manager

Natalie has over 20 years of nursing experience, working across diverse specialties, including Medical-Surgical, Labor and Delivery, and Post-Anesthesia Care Unit (PACU). Beyond hospital settings, she made meaningful contributions as a Home Health nurse, delivering compassionate care in patients' homes.

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Becky Sorenson

Becky Sorenson - Regional Manager

Becky joined NCA in 2020. Her nursing experience includes working with individuals of all ages and stages of life in a variety of nursing settings including inpatient and outpatient mental health, medical-surgical, and operating room. Through these settings, she has worked as a staff nurse, preceptor, and charge nurse.

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