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National Care Advisors focuses on making the quality of life for individuals with special needs sustainable over a lifetime.

Headquartered in Columbus, Ohio with office locations nationwide serving clients in all 50 states.

National Care Advisors

Corporate Office
3982 Powell Road
Suite #231
Powell, Ohio 43065

National Care Advisors operates regional offices in the following locations:


Midwest Region

Chicago, Illinois

Cincinnati, Ohio

Cleveland, Ohio

Columbus, Ohio

Minneapolis, Minnesota

St. Louis, Missouri

West Region

Las Vegas, Nevada

Los Angeles, California

Phoenix, Arizona

Sacramento, California

San Francisco, California

San Jose, California

Seattle, Washington



North East Region

Allentown, Pennsylvania

Baltimore, Maryland

Hartford, Connecticut

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

South Region

Atlanta, Georgia

Houston, Texas

Jacksonville, Florida

Knoxville, Tennessee

Miami, Florida

Nashville, Tennessee

Richmond, Virginia

San Antonio, Texas

Tampa, Florida