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Legal & Financial Advisors

Planning for a lifetime of complex care needs requires the expertise and collaboration of legal, financial and care management consultants to ensure quality of life.

We provide guidance to legal and financial professionals specific to their client's unique care and quality of life vision.

This includes making comprehensive expenditure projections, determining the availability and value of third party payer resources and making recommendations for how to cover immediate and future expenses.


To do this, our expert case managers and consultants provide the following services:

  • Quality of Life Plan
  • Cost Analysis
  • Value of Third Party Benefits Analysis
  • Life Transition Planning
  • Benefits Planning and Advocacy
  • Case Management

Knowledge of available benefits, family resources, as well as an objective understanding of the client's abilities, care needs and defined quality of life goals is essential to creating a successful legal and financial strategy.


“Leveraging deep knowledge of the available benefits and by working closely with the Social Security and Medicaid offices, the NCA case manager was able to get the client’s Medicaid benefits reinstated and to submit outstanding health care bills for payment from Medicaid.”

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