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Families and Clients

The ultimate goal of every complex quality of life plan is to provide a lifetime strategy for managing sustainable solutions, long-term costs, and available benefits for individuals and their families.

We work with clients and their families to create and implement a comprehensive life care plan for the future. At every step of this process, we ensure the plan will meet their specific vision for quality of life.

The first step is defining the vision. Then, we analyze the associated costs and value of third party benefits. Finally, the vision is achieved through practical and effective care coordination, advocacy, and collaboration with legal and financial advisors.


To do this, we must consider:

  • Quality of Life Plan – We assist individuals and their family to define their vision for quality of life and care throughout their lifetime, considering the quality of life of ALL family members and successor caregivers.
  • Complex Care Needs Cost Analysis – We quantify the projected costs associated with that vision, over the timeline of life expectancy and specific to a geographic region.
  • Benefits Analysis – We provide guidance on the value of all available benefits, how to access and maximize those benefits and how to preserve them over time.
  • Plan Implementation Support – We provide professional consulting, advocacy and support through all life stages to address housing, vocational, care, transportation and social needs.

Our services include:

  • Caregiver Solutions
  • Benefits Management and Advocacy
  • Housing Solutions
  • Medical and Psychiatric Care Coordination
  • Vocational and Socialization Support
  • Transportation Coordination
  • Education Advocacy

“In the end, not only did this young woman receive a new sense of independence–her parents and family had the chance to see their daughter grow up and step out into the world.”

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