Planning for care. For life.

For individuals with complex care needs, planning for quality of life isn’t a nice-to-have. It’s a necessity. We’ve made it our core focus to create and implement comprehensive care plans that make quality of life not only possible, but sustainable over a lifetime.

As a national consulting firm that serves individuals with complex care needs in all 50 states, we offer:

  • Life care planning
  • Quality of life assessment
  • Third party benefit analysis
  • Education consulting
  • Case management

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We believe a sustainable quality of life plan requires three things:



It’s not just what we know. It’s what we understand. We work with each client to understand their unique definition for quality of life, and then project the resources required to meet and sustain that standard.

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By defining that standard, our team applies our deep expertise to effectively collaborate with family, financial, legal and medical representatives to financially attain and execute a desirable life care plan.

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Beyond securing financial resources, planning for special needs care is about exactly that: care. It’s about solving challenges—health challenges and life challenges—in a way that’s right for the client.

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