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Success Stories

We define success by using every resource at our disposal to represent and protect the clients who can’t advocate for themselves. Success means education, empowerment and exceptional service, so our clients can see the best results their circumstances allow. If our clients succeed, that is our greatest success as care advisors.


What Happens After You Win the Legal Battle?

National Care Advisors was contacted by an attorney who had recently won a settlement for their client. An adult male who had sustained a permanent spinal cord injury was about to receive a $3 million dollar settlement after four years of suffering after the incident.  He had the benefit of private health insurance as well as Medicare and Medicaid benefits during this time period.

The concern? His health insurance company, Medicare, and Medicaid had provided the funding for medical care since the time of the incident. They then had a lien demand for reimbursement via the settlement proceeds due to the third party admitting liability for the incident.

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Client with Mental Illness Faces Poor Quality Care and Bankruptcy

National Care Advisors works with trustees to find solutions for their joint clients.

A bank trustee in New York had recently run an analysis of a client’s trust funds and came to a disturbing realization:
The 45-year-old man diagnosed with schizophrenia was facing rising care facility costs. In addition, he had long stopped receiving Medicaid benefits and was sure to run out of funds before the end of his life. What was even more distressing was the quality of care he was receiving was seriously in question.

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Family Secures Financial Independence for Their Daughter

For many of our clients, establishing some level of independence is critically important and provides a higher quality of life and overall happiness – especially for young adults as they come of age. In this particular case, a family in Georgia was approaching an important day: their daughter’s twenty first birthday.

Diagnosed with a developmental disability since birth, the daughter’s twenty first birthday wouldn’t be the same celebration of independence that most young adults experience. Still, the family hoped to provide her with increased autonomy and help her transition to more adult activities, while continuing to offer her the care and support she would need throughout her lifetime.

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Young Boy Gets New Legs and A New Start to Childhood

At National Care Advisors, many of our clients are children who are impacted by circumstances out of the control of their family – circumstances that limit their ability to be a child. Recently one of our clients was an eight-year-old boy who was facing developmental and emotional problems due to his physical disability. As a toddler, he had lost both legs and part of his arm to a serious infection. He had been fitted with rigid prosthetics for most of his life that allowed him stand as tall as his peers but these prosthetics did not allow him to run, navigate steps, or even walk on uneven surfaces without significant difficulty. He would go to school and watch his peers play games, unable to join in. He was missing so many experiences of childhood.

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Employer Seeks Assistance in Occupational Injury Dilemma

Often employers face a dilemma with occupational injuries – how best to protect the injured party and return to normal employment and business. An employer recently contacted us with a problem. A young male employee had been out of work for almost 5 months due to a back injury and there were no clear signs of progress in his rehabilitation. He had not accepted the offer to return to work on a modified duty basis, nor had his physician prescribed active treatment or rehabilitation therapy. The employer was concerned because they were uncertain when their employee would be able to return to work.

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