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Reaching Settlement – Future Care Cost Projection

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Personal injury attorneys are approached daily by potential clients with claims of accident and injury. Vetting cases to review the scope of an injury, the potential liability and the value of the case can be a time-consuming process. National Care Advisors’ liability nurse consultants provide professional analysis services to:

  • Facilitate the vetting process quickly
  • Provide unparalleled expertise and experience
  • Review the scope of an injury and related diagnoses
  • Project the cost of future care related to that injury
  • Develop an accurate, quick and cost-effective analysis of the personal injury case

The resulting report can be invaluable in vetting potential cases, determining a demand amount and negotiating an appropriate settlement for the client.

For a flat rate fee, our expert nurse consultants will review:

  • Incident Report/Legal Complaint
  • Medical Documention Related to Incident – Admission and Discharge Summaries
  • Medical Billing and Lien Records Related to the Incident
  • Subsequent Treatment Medical Records
  • Expert Reports/Depositions (if available) 

Within two weeks of receiving the necessary, available information and interviewing the plaintiff (if authorized), our consultant will produce a well-supported Future Care Cost Projection report for review by the attorney that includes:

  • Summary of the injury
  • Discussion of the current required medical care – specifically related to the incident
  • Projected future treatment plan
  • Cost projection for all anticipated future treatment
  • Medicare Secondary Payer considerations

With our assistance, personal injury attorneys and their clients across the country have realized significant dollars in settlement awards. Our expertise not only provides attorneys with the information necessary to successfully represent their clients, but also provides a cost effective, quick analysis for the purpose of maximizing the resolution. 

National Care Advisors also provides cost effective assistance with Medicare Set Aside consideration issues and lien resolution – if a case requires these additional consulting services.

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