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Quality of Life Plan: Define Your Vision for the Future


All families plan for the future, whether scribbled on a napkin or extensively diagrammed with the help of legal and financial advisors. For families facing major medical challenges, their vision can be thrown off course or remain undefined as you address the daily struggles to ensure a high quality of life for you and your loved ones.

At National Care Advisors, we help families nationwide to define their Quality of Life Plan. We partner with legal and financial advisors to assist families in outlining their vision for quality of life, the resources available and required to achieve that vision, and what actions are necessary to accomplish their goals.

Our Quality of Life Plan aims to achieve the following outcomes:

  1. Assist individuals and their family to define their care and quality of life vision throughout their lifetime, considering the quality of life of ALL family members and successor caregivers
  2. Quantify the projected costs associated with that vision, over the timeline of life expectancy, and specific to a geographic region
  3. Project third-party benefits that will be available to the client throughout their lifetime – including Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Waiver Services, and Private Health insurance
  4. Provide recommendations on actions that can be taken by the individual and family now or in the future to achieve quality of life goals
  5. Develop an initial plan and cost model that can be reviewed annually

How it works:

Introduction – During the introductory meeting, we obtain baseline information regarding you and your family’s current and future essential care, understand what resources are currently available, and listen to your vision for future quality of life over all ages.

First Draft – After the initial meeting, we will develop a draft Quality of Life Plan, including cost models, based on the vision that the client/family has discussed.

Refine the Plan – Subsequent discussions will take place to clarify and ensure that the analysis accurately reflects your goals and objectives. The next step is to review and discuss the final draft with you to make sure that the plan and associated cost projections are within the scope of resources that is realistic for your family.

Collaboration – Once we have determined that the plan and cost model(s) make sense and stand the test of reasonableness, you can review the plan with your legal and financial advisors to ensure necessary funds are available over time.

Annual Review – The Quality of Life Plan is designed to be a roadmap and reviewed annually by your family. Given all of the potential variables, the plan will require occasional updates. You can discuss with your financial planner, attorney or special needs consultant as needed to update the analysis and Quality of Life Plan over your lifetime.

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