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Client with Mental Illness Faces Poor Quality Care and Bankruptcy

The Challenge

National Care Advisors works with trustees to find solutions for their joint clients.

A bank trustee in New York had recently run an analysis of a client’s trust funds and came to a disturbing realization:

The 45-year-old man diagnosed with schizophrenia was facing rising care facility costs. In addition, he had long stopped receiving Medicaid benefits and was sure to run out of funds before the end of his life. What was even more distressing was the quality of care he was receiving was seriously in question.

Our Job

National Care Advisors is managed and run by nurses. Our patients come first–always–and we will passionately advocate for those who can’t represent themselves.

This was our first concern, and after careful assessment, we recommended that the client should be moved to a higher quality facility immediately.

The Success

Leveraging deep knowledge of the available benefits and by working closely with the Social Security and Medicaid offices, the NCA case manager was able to get the client’s Medicaid benefits reinstated and to submit outstanding health care bills for payment from Medicaid. Today, we continue to manage the client’s trust expenditure plan to ensure that all third party benefits are maximized and that his private trust funds are utilized in a manner that will continue to provide for his care in his lifetime.

The client was relocated to a quality facility that best meets his needs, accepts Medicaid benefits, and provides a much higher quality of life for him. His trust funds are now available to be used for personal outings with one-to-one companion care, transportation, electronic devices, and other quality of life expenses beyond his essential facility support care.

At National Care Advisors, we are making a difference, one individual at a time.