Planning for care. For life.

Optimized Financial Strategy

Special needs care requires money. It’s that simple. Knowing how and where it should be spent isn’t simple – it takes thoughtful and experienced analysis. That’s where we come in.

We are your bridge. Making connections is what we do. We take a theoretical financial plan from a pie-in-the-sky dollar figure to a practical strategy for making it work.

We help our clients handle everything from the big questions (How much is needed for big-ticket items like vehicles and homes? How much is needed for caregivers monthly? What other resources are available?) to clear life care planning analyses. We help configure funds to cover costs today and in the future.

We make it count.  It starts with outlining immediate and long-term costs, and then factoring the value of insurance and other third party benefits. We’re constantly working to stretch the client’s dollar as far as it will go.

We devise a strategy for maximizing each resource so it offers the most benefit to the client for the longest period of time.

This long-term, optimized financial strategy will help our clients meet their ultimate goal: a sustainable quality of life.