Planning for care. For life.

Individualized Plan of Action

Quality of Life (noun): a multidimensional concept that subjectively evaluates physical, mental, and emotional health, comfort, and happiness.

We work with each client to understand their unique definition of quality of life, and then project the resources required to meet and sustain that standard.

We know the numbers. National Care Advisors is run and managed by professional nurses.  As nurses, life care planners, and partners to our clients, we’re keenly aware of our patients’ specific health challenges and special needs—and the associated costs.

Combining this knowledge with objective data, National Care Advisors creates realistic projections of what it will cost to care for a special needs client for a lifetime.

We add the numbers together. We analyze all financial sources available to the client: income, settlements, and government benefits.

Navigating dense government systems and other third party benefits is very familiar to us. We can identify which benefits apply to our clients, how much they’ll cover, and how to approach those benefits so our clients receive the highest level of support possible.

With a firm grasp on available resources, we’re able to calculate how much more will be needed—a figure that’s essential for sustained quality of life.